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  • Zhongfu Industry Participates in Gongyi “ World Metrology Day” Exhibition
    On May 16th,Zhongfu Industry joined Gongyi’s “May20 World Metrology Day” exhibition held by the Technology Quality Supervision Bureau.
    In the exhibition, Zhongfu Industry showed the business function of its technology center, which is certified as “National Enterprise Technology Center” and focused on introducing innovation as the basis for company development. Meanwhile, Zhongfu also introduced its quality analysis and quantitative inspection centers, which are certified as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory of Technology Center and Authorized Metrology Laboratory by the provincial government.
    During the exhibition, the officials of Gongyi Technology Quality Supervision Bureau attended the display board and congratulated the company for being certified as “National Enterprise Technology Center” and spoke highly of the scientific and technological achievements completed by Zhongfu.
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